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Fanocracy by David Meerman Scott


on how to get more customers and boost your business

by David Meerman Scott,  worldwide acclaimed Real-Time Sales & Marketing Strategist. 

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The Most Powerful Marketing Force: Passionate Fans


Real-Time Sales & Marketing Strategist

Tony Robbins David Meerman Scott

“David is explanatory, funny, stimulating. No one knows more about how to reach customers. The revolutionary strategies he teaches re-invent the way entrepreneurs can involve potential customers and grow their business.”

N. 1 Life & Business Trainer in the World

David Meerman Scott is a world renowned marketing strategist, entrepreneur, investor and advisor to emerging companies. He helps professionals, companies and organizations generate attention and grow business in a real-time world.

He spotted the online content revolution in its infancy, and he is the bestselling author of 11 books – translated into 30 languages – including “Fanocracy” and “The New Rules of Marketing & PR“. David inspires people to set old ideas and fear aside and use new tools to achieve measurable, no-cost results to turn customers into fans and fans into customers.

David’s ideas have captured the attention of respected firms and organizations all over the world, having spoken in over 40 countries and on all seven continents. His groundbreaking strategies don’t just slap new tools onto dusty old strategies, but they reinvent the way to engage the marketplace.

David is a globalist with real-world experience building businesses and a sharp eye for the bigger marketplace.

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David Meerman Scott
Tony Robbins on Fanocracy

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6 Videos by David Meerman Scott For a New Revolutionary Approach to Sales & Marketing

Building strength

Learn why Fandom is something that athletes, musicians, and performers have been tapping into for years to succeed.

Fanocracy: ahead of competition

What have the Grateful Dead and Harry Potter in common? Discover and unleash the power of Fanocracy.

Neuroscience behind Proximity

What is proximity? Learn why it is so important in creating effective videos to market your business.

Improve your capacities

Unveil the best practice to grows fandom and trust to attract more customers from across the globe.

Defeat uncertainties

Learn and implement effective & proven strategies to grow your own Fandom today.

Generate uplifting emotions

Why is it important to be part of a Tribe? And how to generate true human connections in our virtual world?

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Awards & Recognition

David Meerman Scott is world renowned Real-Time Sales & Marketing Strategist. He has been chosen by Tony Robbins as one of the leaders of his famous Business Mastery courses. People all over the world rely on David’s sales and marketing strategies and tactics to grow their businesses. His 11 books have sold close to 1 million copies in 30 languages from Albanian to Vietnamese. 

Businessweek Best-Selling Author

Lessons that should resonate.

One of those select few people who saw and understood the social media phenomenon as it began.

Best Selling Author


David Meerman Scott has been hired as a Trainer by the world’s most successful industries and business leaders.

Megan Casey Microsoft

David knocked our partners’ socks off at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference. The lessons and examples he gives during his presentation provide our partner channel the insights and actionable tools they need to successfully market their businesses in the ever-evolving digital marketing age. I highly recommend David as both a speaker and author.

Megan Casey

Patrick Osborne

For an established business that deals with B2B relationships, he challenged our teams thinking of how our customers interact with us in a world of social media and ubiquitous information availability. I can’t wait to see how our team rises to the challenge of the Real-Time Marketing mindset.

Patrick Osborne
Hewlett Packard

Magdalena Pielak

Energy, professionalism, numerous practical examples, sense of humor - these are the perfect characteristics of David’s sensational speech during Harvard Business Review Poland's Elite Sales Program conference. The speech was highly energetic and very practical. David’s approach made the event one of the highest rated conferenceshe made the event absolutely memorable!.

Magdalena Pielak
Harvard Business Review POLAND

Gary Slack

David delivers! As one of 12 keynoters, David kicked off our “UNlearn” conference and mesmerized 450 business marketers from 27 states, earning the #1 speaker rating in our post-conference survey from among 55 keynoters and panelists in all, no small feat when you consider the many top marketers and authors who graced our podium.

Gary Slack
BMA Chairman

Learn from the Best
Get Your 6 FREE Videos Now!

Learn how to get more clients and boost your business.

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